Is This The Overbite: Siri Sings The Hits

So last night I was chatting with a friend on iMessage.  I was getting tired towards the end and my hands were a bit sore, but I didn’t want to end the chat yet, so I thought I’d try switching over to Siri for dictation.  The results were a little off, but serviceable; surprisingly good for a guy who has a quiet, mumbly voice at the best of times, never mind when I’m half-conscious and feeling the sleeping pills kicking in.  But when I started singing…

Every word is straight from Siri, although I redid some lines a few times over for “better” effect, and I can’t claim to have remembered every lyric 100% accurately (in the case of * I knew better than to even try, and read them off badly from a lyrics site).  She may be to blame for the results, but the song selection can only be blamed on an addled geek who’s spent way too much time on Reddit.

Where no strangers to let you know the rules and soap / Hopeful commitments would think it is for you — Never Gonna Give You Up

Open kingdoms / Getting the style / Mean to someone John on John’s video / On appeal keeping your job / Call me wholemeal sham to call John your job / Goo gone and John — Gangnam Style*

I’m going to snake and this is crazy / Here’s my mother so baby — Call Me Maybe

Just a silly girl living in Baja / She took the midnight train going there / Just a city boy born and raised and soon denied / It’s a midnight train it gets a minute — Don’t Stop Believin’

This wasn’t trying / You know you pay for each inch sex — Still Alive (because my fiancé and I were playing Portal last night)

I could see that interludes no way no way / Like I can say it lonely / Why it is she has no parenting / More than you know this thing monomaniacal / There’s nothing more  — More Than This (because I was feeling like Bill Murray in Lost In Translation by this point)

Is this the overbite / Insist your business / Caught in an inseam / and you’re welcome Scott needs to see / Open your eyes / It’s just mountainlands — Bohemian Rhapsody